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Explore the magic of the colorful state of Rajasthan by availing the best travel packages. This state is a paradise for holiday-makers and young couples. The charm of this land attracts travelers from every part of the world. Rajasthan travel packages offers various options the tourists.Rajasthan is one state that is bestowed with immense beauty which lies in its dessert, holy shrines, palaces, forts and hill station. The colorful fairs and festivals are an added attraction to its glory. Rajasthan travel packages takes the travelers to beautiful cities of this state where they can spend moments of leisure with their loved ones. The scenic view of the golden sand and the calm atmosphere of the Mt Abu hill station takes us very near to the nature.The magnificent architecture of the palaces and the forts are the major attractions of this package. These stunning historical buildings are an example of the rich and royal past of Rajasthan. They have become a symbol of Indian heritage. They are a symbol of the bygone era.The colorful fairs and festivals are another aspect of this state. The Pushkar fair is the biggest of all the fairs. They are a real feast for the eyes and are celebrated in a grand manner. The beautiful costumes and the folk music are the main highlights of these festivals. The best part of these festivals is the tasty delicacies that are prepared with love.No tour of Rajasthan can be complete without taking an adventurous camel safari. These camels have become an integral part of the transportation system. They are the best way to explore the interior parts of this land of sand. Also experience the rich treasure of the wild world by visiting the various sanctuaries.The different types of Rajasthan-Travel-Package are as follows:Family Vacations
Adventure Travel
Wildlife Tour
Festival Tour
Heritage Tour
Pilgrimage Tour
Luxury Tour and
Honeymoon Vacations.

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What do we understand by adventure travel? Years ago, an intrepid traveller, would take many months of preparation, and need as many months again, to embark upon an adventure. They would need a lot of money to arrange all the resources they needed. We imagine them to be hacking their way through a Malaysian jungle with a trail of bearers behind, or pulling their sleighs across frozen Arctic wastes. Perhaps, even, exploring the upper Nile, or crossing a desert by camel.We have travelled far since those early pioneers paved the way for us. Now you can go on a family adventure as part of your annual holiday. Honeymooners can enjoy the first blooms of married life in a tropical jungle or trekking in Peru. Seasoned travellers may go to remote places by canoe, or hike over a mountain range. Even gap year travellers can make the journey of a lifetime and fall in love with the Brazilian Pantanal, or the Australian Outback. You can travel as part of a group or on your own.There are some tour operators that specialise in adventure travel. They already have the resources in place in your preferred destination. Experienced group leaders and much local knowledge allow them to offer a high quality service to travellers looking for adventure.These tours are generally eco-friendly and travellers can interact with local people and put their finger on the pulse of a country or region, to really feel the heartbeat of a place. Adventure travellers are ecologically aware and are looking for something different. The adventure traveller is not just seeking his own gratification, but would want the local people to benefit from his visit. He is a responsible traveller.Where can you start with adventure travel? You can start in your own country by doing something you have never done before. You can start by doing something adventurous for one day – go up in a balloon, or take a canoe trip down your favourite river. If you want to trek through the foothills of the Himalayas, start with a walking holiday through the local hills or across the moors where you live, and build your confidence and your enthusiasmAdventure holidays offers something for everybody. A wide range of tours are available to suit various styles, tastes and levels of experience. These tours are for anybody who is looking for something different. Many group tours are only six to twelve people in size, so you can get to know everyone, an adventure tour can offer a good social interaction with like-minded travellers.When is the best time to go on an adventure holiday? That is the beauty of adventure travel, you can go anytime of the year. Different continents means there is something to do in any month of the year. When the Northern Hemisphere is having its summer, the Southern Hemisphere is in winter.The adventure travellers of bygone years still have something to show us. Give yourself plenty of time to prepare. Save your money, read your books, and the old timers did not have the benefit of internet research – get to know something about your destination. Then a good tour operator can help make your dream holiday come true.

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What are the best ways to enrich Adventure Travel for you and your companions? Experienced travelers pick up tricks along the way, and I encourage you to add your own to the list. Below are seven ways that visitors to Cape Breton Island have increased their enjoyment of the journey, their stay on the Island and even the magic in their daily lives upon returning home. Notice the common ingredient is connection.1. A Vision For Your Trip gives your adventure travel a context of what you would appreciate looking back on as a reference point of you being energized, connected with yourself and your environment, a juicy moment that can re-energize everyday life. For Aladdin, it’s a ride on a magic carpet, while for me it is taking a hike with my wife to find a waterfall.2. A Great Destination: What place engages your sense of curiosity, your sense of where you and your companion(s) would like to explore and even settle in for a time? Many cultures call this developing a “sense of place”.3 Knowledgeable Local Guides: By guides I mean people who know an adventure destination and are generous and passionate about sharing their knowledge and experience. They may actually escort you on a trip or simply educate you on places off the beaten track, things to do, where to eat or sleep, and where to visit in order to discover special spots mentioned above–to develop your own “sense of place”. These guides can offer a local connection embodying their passion and enthusiasm–they show an adventurous spirit which is joyful, even contagious. Guides offer a connection to local people, places and adventures. They offer you safety and useful information and recommendations.4. Unique Gatherings The native Mi’kmaq on Cape Breton Island call gatherings “Mao I Omi” and the French call them “place de rencontre” and the Celts “Ceilidhs” (often involving music and dance). What you will find is that meeting other people and sharing your experiences, adventures and stories is a way to feel part of things, to live your adventures and enjoy others’ “magical experiences”, gifts and talents. Local gatherings, events and ceremonies are designed to create connection between people, a sense of “magic”, and the gift of good memories.5. “An Adventure a Day (mild to wild)” By adventure, I mean something that has a degree of freshness and challenge to you even if you are accomplished at it. It does not have to be hiking up a wilderness trail or rock climbing, it can be as seemingly mild as learning a new recipe from an expert chef or discovering a blueberry patch ripe for the picking with most of the blueberries consumed on the spot and the rest put into a tasty blueberry pie! Easy as it is to overload your travel, with a list of things to do, consider focusing on “an adventure a day”, whether mild, wild or somewhere in between.6. A Higher Purpose (Through Service and Learning) Besides recreation why travel? And is the adventure travel most significant only for you and your companion(s)? Having a Higher Purpose often adds to the experience and gets you past temporary discomfort and obstacles. One current purpose is what I call the “Green Theme” for adventure travel. Many of us experience what some call a nature deficit disorder (c/o author John Louv) and notice it in our children and others’ children. What happens when you connect with nature–trees, open space, birds and other animals–is a sense of connection not only with nature but with yourself. It gives you a different perspective and often a burst of energy, whether in a city, the country or a wilderness and unspoiled setting. Related to this “connection” with nature is an increasing desire and awareness of the fragile balance between ourselves and nature. Many volunteers and adventure travelers are seeking to stay in places that waste less and encourage use of renewable energy, as well tend to respect and preserve natural areas or at least to do no harm. For campers the expression is to “leave not a trace”. The goal increasingly becomes to be “of service” and to have a higher purpose in adventure travel: one of enjoying and preserving the green around you. The higher purpose for the trip can extend to any number of special areas of adventure and possible learning:, the arts, outdoor recreation, re-building after a hurricane,, team-building, ie is any activity for which you have a passion and can become part of your adventure travel. The goal is to create a result in you or in your environment that is useful and has significance.7. Well-being, health and safety Find a place and be with people fostering a sense “well-being” or wellness.. After all, our normal routine is often full of work, obligations and, frankly, stress. Have you made space for “healing arts” or what some call “wellness” in your travel plan? Make sure you have enough time and knowledge to not only travel safely, but to catch your breath and to regenerate. Testing Your Brand of Magic in Adventure Travel You are the adventurer, judge and jury. The feeling and experience of the “Magic” is yours and it may be a different experience for your companion(s), but a good rule of thumb is to ask yourself if you have some stories and memories and even pictures or video that capture some of the juice, energy and enthusiasm of the magic you created during your travel. Spread this spirit of magic upon your return home and the magic will continue.

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Dubai is the most populous city and emirate in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the second largest emirate by territorial size after the capital, Abu Dhabi. It is located on the southeast coast of the Persian Gulf and is one of the seven emirates that make up the country.Whenever we hear someone say Dubai, the first thing that comes to mind is the exuberant shopping malls, amazing skyline and a vibrant nightlife. We all know Dubai as a global shopping center and a place that has many attractive spots, including Burj Khalifa, Dubai Museum, Palm Islands, Burj Al Arab and many more. It has been among the top choices of visitors who are willing to spend an extra-ordinary vacation here.Whether you are planning a trip with family or with friends, this wonderful city will never leave a chance to amuse you. But have you ever wondered that apart from these popular attractions there is another thing that can be found only here. While you are still wondering which is that other thing that we are talking about, let us tell you about Dubai’s other gem; Desert Safari. A ride among the huge sand dunes of the Arabian Desert will give you a never before experience. Not just this, you can even explore the rarest species of wild animals while being on a Safari excursion. There is so much to do on a Desert Safari that you will love every bit of it. So, while you are packing for your Dubai vacation, take a look at the top things to do in the Desert Safari that will give you a memorable holiday.1. Dune Bashing: Have you ever imagined yourself drooling in a car in the middle of a desert? If not, then get ready to delve into the huge sand dunes by taking the amazing desert safari and spotting some really astonishing sights and feeling the goosebumps as the vehicle passes the dunes. There are different types of experiences that can be taken, choose one according to your choice.2. Camping in the Desert: Most of us have heard and experienced camping usually in the mountains and even plains, near waterfalls, etc. But have you ever thought that you could enjoy a camp stay in the middle of a desert? If not, then don’t worry, the Dubai desert safari will give you an outstanding experience of the same. Get your buddies along and head to Dubai soon.3. Belly Dancing: Entertainment is a vital part of our life and can double up the fun of a vacation too. Yet another reason that makes desert safari a pleasant experience is the Belly Dancing that can be enjoyed while being here. The world’s best performers are here to entertain you and make you move your body and shake a leg with them. Do we need to say more now?4. Sand Skiing: Now this is something you would have never done anywhere else in the world. Ice skiing is an incredible adventure and so is sand ski. Discover the fun of rolling and skating through the sand dunes of the Arabian Desert by taking a ride. Though a bit difficult, but is definitely a unique and awesome practice that will make you wonder in surprise.There are many more things to see and enjoy in the desert safari, but for that you need to book a cheap flight to Dubai soon!

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Are you the type of person who loves the feeling of experiencing something new? Are you someone who would die for that adrenaline rush and thrill to run through your veins? If you are, then adventure travel is perfect for you! Adventure travel pertains to the new term for something that people have been doing for a long time or the things that people consider to be their hobby. If you don’t want to just visit your friend and visit the place that you have been dreaming of, you can have adventures in order to make your vacation more memorable and enjoyable. These include any type of activity that you can imagine and may take the pace that you have never dreamed of. You may also have the opportunity to see and enjoy the natural wonders that you will see along your trip.If you want to add some adventure to your life and you want to try and engage in something that you have never done before, try having an adventure travel. This is perfect for every type of people around the world whether for young people who want to get thrilled by traveling through countries that have activities such as adventurous rides like hot air balloon or for old people who simply want to feel the adventure of hitch hiking or mountain trekking. The adventure and thrill is not the only thing you get from this activity, you can also meet different individuals that also love to do an adventure travel. This means that there is a possibility that you can have new friends around the world.If you consider adventure travel over regular travel, you will find that this kind of adventure has much more to offer you. In fact, there are many adventure packages where you can choose the type of adventure you want to engage in and it depends on what you want to do and where you want to go. You can actually find adventure travel around the world and there are also packages to make your planning for your trip easier. Whether you want to feel the thrill of rock climbing, bungee jumping, skydiving, water rafting and others, there are packages for you to take. When you decide to do adventure travel you may also want to go to jungle or out to the middle of nowhere in order to enjoy and see the natural beauty of the world. When planning for this kind of travel, make sure to be realistic about what you wan to do and if you are planning to go with a group, you don’t want to hold back everyone because you can’t keep up. So make sure that you plan things that you know that you can keep up until the end of the vacation in order to make your vacation unforgettable and remarkable.Make sure to plan ahead of time, you can look for an adventure travel on the internet to see what are the best packages available for you. Or you may also want to go to your local travel agency to book your vacation but make sure that that someone is there to help you with everything that you need and remember that the travel you are planning is far different from any other travel. So you should also be prepared in everything that might happen. Make sure that you are well equipped and it is recommended that you ask about the details before going.

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One thousand kilometres off the coastline of Ecuador lay the world famous collection of islands known as Galapagos.Described as Darwin’s ‘living laboratory of evolution’, the thirteen main volcanic islands and dozens of rocky isles are one of the most important ecological regions on Planet Earth. Located at the confluence of three major ocean currents, Galapagos have been described as a ‘melting pot’ of marine species and ongoing seismic and volcanic activity continues to reflect the processes that formed the islands.It is these processes, together with the remote location of the equatorial islands, that have been responsible for the development of the unusual species which inspired Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution and have made the region famous for its endemic species and seemingly fearless wildlife.A large range of endemic species can be found on the islands of Floreana, Genovesa, Española, Seymour Norte, Plazas, Santa Fé and Isabela. Santa Cruz Island is home to the famous Charles Darwin Research Station.On a visit to Galapagos travellers are likely to encounter giant tortoise, blue-footed booby, flamingo, the Galapagos penguin, albatross, iguana and many species of finch. Those who snorkel or scuba dive will often find themselves swimming with fur seals, rays, non-aggressive sharks, marine turtles and an incredible range of colourful fish.Here you will find a whole host of exciting adventure travel opportunities such as wildlife watching, scuba diving, snorkelling, swimming, walking and island hopping aboard tour boats. With its wealth of unusual wildlife, any activity that you partake in here is sure to be an adventure of a lifetime.

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Everglades National Park is over 1.5 million acres of protected wetlands and ecological system. You need to protect your car from the vultures they love rubber. No pets are allowed for your protection. The wildlife will feel threatened if your dog barks at them.Adventure into the largest stand of Mangrove Trees in the western hemisphere by air boat. The park is made up of 10,000 islands so an air boat is the best way to see most of this area in a short period of time. Hiking trails you are on dry ground look out for the alligator holes. You will find white tailed deer, river otter, Florida Panther, Everglades Mink, bob cat, black bear, skunks and mink on dry land. The air is alive with birds and insects. You will enjoy seeing everything from a common sparrow to a flamingo and all the different colorful birds in the area. Snakes, turtles, iguana, alligator, crocodile and lizards are common within the park. Use caution where you put your feet.The Everglades national park has plant species not found anywhere else on the planet. Fern trees, flowers, lichens and hardwood trees can be seen within the park. Limited camping in the park is available at two different campgrounds make a reservation if you plan on spending the night.Adventure to St Augustine – walk along the brick streets a centuries old fort stands guard over the city. Grab a horse drawn carriage ride and clip clop through the historic district. Enjoy a ghost tour and learn all the towns secrets. Camping here will give you the cool ocean breeze keeping you cool even in summer heat. North beach camp is located on over 30 acres this resort offers everything from swimming, fishing and a shower. Pointe Vedra offers the sun worshiper a great place to recharge your batteries walk a little ways and you will feel like you have found your own little beach paradise. Adventures in Florida are easy to find after all it has been Americas playground for centuries.

Solo Women Travel – A Guide on How to Link With a Reliable Women Tours Operator – Adventure Travel

Travel for women has changed significantly in recent times. It started slowly in the 80’s with a few female travelers breaking off from the norm of city shopping tours and choosing the adventure route. They were ready for hiking, rafting, mountaineering and just about anything that could make them sweat.The women pushed the demand list; they weren’t carrying the kitchen and the cleaning bucket to their holiday; accommodation had to be comfortable, in short no roughing it up. For this they got some not-so-polite words being bashed on them but they had tough skins and they hanged on. What a turn around today – nearly every mainstream tour operator has a women travel desk proving that the girls had a point!Who are these solo women travelers? The demographics answer this straight away as there are more women than men, but today’s lifestyle means that there are many women who find themselves single with disposable incomes and a strong desire for travel.When discussing travel for women, we must step outside the marital status box and define “a single or solo woman” in a fluid way, to cover any woman who for whatever reason is traveling alone.With so many offers on female travel, it falls on solo women to seriously evaluate their women travel outfitter before they book a tour. Consider that women travel is not just about the destination you will visit, it is also about the sense of security and peace of mind in knowing that you booked with the best tour operator that your money could link you with.These 5 tips, will help you link up with the right operator for your solo women travel:1. Is your outfitter legal? Make this your main concern – the fact that a tour operator says all the best things about women travel does not mean that you let your guard down in checking the validity of what they say.Just like in all other sectors of travel, women travel has its inside issues and it is upon you to check that you are dealing with a genuine women travel operator.2. Is the tour operator female oriented? It does not necessarily mean that women adventure travel is best done by women-owned businesses but, there is a satisfaction of knowing that your operator has been there and done that!3. Are they offering your preferred adventure? If you are at home in the water, go for a rafting or a kayaking vacation. It beats reason to book a women walking tour, hoping that you will fall in the step by the 5th day. You need to jump into the action straight away on day one.Is the adventure to your ability? Yes, you want adventure but this should be in the context of a holiday not a test of endurance. Check if the activities are flexible to accommodate different abilities.4. If booking into a women travel group, what is the composition of the group? It is important that group members give each other personal space but they should also click easily and be fun to be with.This is more likely to happen with women travelers who are of about the same age. Really at 55yrs, would you want to be in a college girls traveling group? OK they are women, but can you last 2 weeks in their company?5. Finally on price – joining a women group tour does not mean that you pay above market price for your trip. Price has to be a reflection of the value items in the tour rather than a tag for women travel.If possible compare similar itineraries for co-ed tours and if you feel that the price is astronomical in the women-only category, ask questions and shop around for better deals.Now that you know how to choose your women travel operator, hit the keyboard and you will not only get the women adventure tour that you want but also at the best price.

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GAP Adventures travel is fun to join because it gives you the opportunity to tour the seven continents, from the glacier-filled Antarctica to the street markets of Katmandu, and indulge yourself with adventurous activities. GAP Adventures is Canada’s largest adventure travel company that offers socially and environmentally sensitive travel. Traveling and discovering the world is easy with the right tools!GAP Adventures uses different means of transportation on their tour. They carefully choose the transports that will suit the nature of every community. You may take a ride on a vintage train or bus, a rickshaw, in a native canoe, or even on the back of an elephant. You can be guided on escorted tours to Asia, Australia, Antarctica, Africa, Britain and Europe, Canada, New Zealand, Central America, Mexico, South America, and the United States. GAP tours are classified according to the quality of accommodations and amenities. GAP Adventures travel rates are reasonably priced so that they can be afforded by every traveler.* Budget Travel- tours usually range from $45 to $130 for each person, per day plus the airfare.
* First Class Travel- tours usually range from $80 to $275 for each person, per day plus the airfare.
* Deluxe Travel- tours usually range from $100 to $400 for each person, per day plus the airfare.
* Luxury Travel- tours usually range from $400 to $600 for each person, per day plus the airfare.The prices above are in a rate of U.S dollars per person that will be based on double occupancy and subject to availability. Prices given for land arrangements are subject to increase without notification. Once your deposit has been received, the land prices will be guaranteed. GAP Adventures travel airfares included as part of air-inclusive tour rates will be subjected to increase and will be guaranteed only once the full payment is received. Air-inclusive rates comprise air from a major gateway in U.S.; air from other airports in the U.S is available with an additional charge.With the travel rates, everyone can certainly afford to have an adventure travel. Your tour will certainly provide an independent and interesting experience with the assurance of safety and great adventure. GAP Adventures travel rates are certainly the best deal for great adventure vacation.

Adventure Tours to the Himalayas – Adventure Travel

Although only a handful of us aspire to actually climb Mount Everest in our lifetimes (AKA “Nutjobs”), I count myself among those who want to at least see this colossal peak before I die. To me, the Himalayas still represents a far-off adventure few of us actually get to see in person, but many of us have on our lifetime to-do lists.So imagine how exciting it was for me to run across http://www.mtsobek.com/, a travel company that specializes in putting together small group adventure travel tours to the most awesome mountains in the world. No, we are not actually talking about climbing such mountains as Everest (although Africa’s Kilimanjaro is a mountain they conduct hiking tours onto), but mtsobek.com can take you on hikes and treks to see these breathtaking mountain regions.For example, the Himalayan tour not only takes you to see the highest mountains in the world, but you will also meet the diverse ethnic people of Nepal, Tibet or Bhutan. Mtsoke.com offers nine Himalayas treks, so you can choose the adventure tour package that suits your physical condition, time and aspirations.Among the many things you can do and see are:Explore Buddhist monasteries that seem to be from another time;
Visit the Everest base camp and view what is arguably the most breathtaking sight on this planet;The remote Gokyo Valley, with its beautiful turquoise lakes and moonscape-like glaciers;Follow an ancient caravan track to the spectacular Namtso Lake, which sits on the Tibetan Plateau and appears to all the world like a great sea made of sapphire;Meet traditional Himalayan highlanders: farmers, yak herders, and monksSo, you can bet a Himalayan tour is on my list of things to do. If you are new to adventure travel, you may also want to check out Andy McDowell’s article, Adventure Travel – An Exciting Thrill (here is the link: http://guerrillatraveler.blogspot.com/2006/01/adventure-travel-exciting-thrill.html ), which I have reprinted on my website, http://www.guerrillatraveler.blogspot.com.COPYRIGHT © 2006, Charles Brown. All rights reserved.