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Everglades National Park is over 1.5 million acres of protected wetlands and ecological system. You need to protect your car from the vultures they love rubber. No pets are allowed for your protection. The wildlife will feel threatened if your dog barks at them.Adventure into the largest stand of Mangrove Trees in the western hemisphere by air boat. The park is made up of 10,000 islands so an air boat is the best way to see most of this area in a short period of time. Hiking trails you are on dry ground look out for the alligator holes. You will find white tailed deer, river otter, Florida Panther, Everglades Mink, bob cat, black bear, skunks and mink on dry land. The air is alive with birds and insects. You will enjoy seeing everything from a common sparrow to a flamingo and all the different colorful birds in the area. Snakes, turtles, iguana, alligator, crocodile and lizards are common within the park. Use caution where you put your feet.The Everglades national park has plant species not found anywhere else on the planet. Fern trees, flowers, lichens and hardwood trees can be seen within the park. Limited camping in the park is available at two different campgrounds make a reservation if you plan on spending the night.Adventure to St Augustine – walk along the brick streets a centuries old fort stands guard over the city. Grab a horse drawn carriage ride and clip clop through the historic district. Enjoy a ghost tour and learn all the towns secrets. Camping here will give you the cool ocean breeze keeping you cool even in summer heat. North beach camp is located on over 30 acres this resort offers everything from swimming, fishing and a shower. Pointe Vedra offers the sun worshiper a great place to recharge your batteries walk a little ways and you will feel like you have found your own little beach paradise. Adventures in Florida are easy to find after all it has been Americas playground for centuries.