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Explore the magic of the colorful state of Rajasthan by availing the best travel packages. This state is a paradise for holiday-makers and young couples. The charm of this land attracts travelers from every part of the world. Rajasthan travel packages offers various options the tourists.Rajasthan is one state that is bestowed with immense beauty which lies in its dessert, holy shrines, palaces, forts and hill station. The colorful fairs and festivals are an added attraction to its glory. Rajasthan travel packages takes the travelers to beautiful cities of this state where they can spend moments of leisure with their loved ones. The scenic view of the golden sand and the calm atmosphere of the Mt Abu hill station takes us very near to the nature.The magnificent architecture of the palaces and the forts are the major attractions of this package. These stunning historical buildings are an example of the rich and royal past of Rajasthan. They have become a symbol of Indian heritage. They are a symbol of the bygone era.The colorful fairs and festivals are another aspect of this state. The Pushkar fair is the biggest of all the fairs. They are a real feast for the eyes and are celebrated in a grand manner. The beautiful costumes and the folk music are the main highlights of these festivals. The best part of these festivals is the tasty delicacies that are prepared with love.No tour of Rajasthan can be complete without taking an adventurous camel safari. These camels have become an integral part of the transportation system. They are the best way to explore the interior parts of this land of sand. Also experience the rich treasure of the wild world by visiting the various sanctuaries.The different types of Rajasthan-Travel-Package are as follows:Family Vacations
Adventure Travel
Wildlife Tour
Festival Tour
Heritage Tour
Pilgrimage Tour
Luxury Tour and
Honeymoon Vacations.

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What do we understand by adventure travel? Years ago, an intrepid traveller, would take many months of preparation, and need as many months again, to embark upon an adventure. They would need a lot of money to arrange all the resources they needed. We imagine them to be hacking their way through a Malaysian jungle with a trail of bearers behind, or pulling their sleighs across frozen Arctic wastes. Perhaps, even, exploring the upper Nile, or crossing a desert by camel.We have travelled far since those early pioneers paved the way for us. Now you can go on a family adventure as part of your annual holiday. Honeymooners can enjoy the first blooms of married life in a tropical jungle or trekking in Peru. Seasoned travellers may go to remote places by canoe, or hike over a mountain range. Even gap year travellers can make the journey of a lifetime and fall in love with the Brazilian Pantanal, or the Australian Outback. You can travel as part of a group or on your own.There are some tour operators that specialise in adventure travel. They already have the resources in place in your preferred destination. Experienced group leaders and much local knowledge allow them to offer a high quality service to travellers looking for adventure.These tours are generally eco-friendly and travellers can interact with local people and put their finger on the pulse of a country or region, to really feel the heartbeat of a place. Adventure travellers are ecologically aware and are looking for something different. The adventure traveller is not just seeking his own gratification, but would want the local people to benefit from his visit. He is a responsible traveller.Where can you start with adventure travel? You can start in your own country by doing something you have never done before. You can start by doing something adventurous for one day – go up in a balloon, or take a canoe trip down your favourite river. If you want to trek through the foothills of the Himalayas, start with a walking holiday through the local hills or across the moors where you live, and build your confidence and your enthusiasmAdventure holidays offers something for everybody. A wide range of tours are available to suit various styles, tastes and levels of experience. These tours are for anybody who is looking for something different. Many group tours are only six to twelve people in size, so you can get to know everyone, an adventure tour can offer a good social interaction with like-minded travellers.When is the best time to go on an adventure holiday? That is the beauty of adventure travel, you can go anytime of the year. Different continents means there is something to do in any month of the year. When the Northern Hemisphere is having its summer, the Southern Hemisphere is in winter.The adventure travellers of bygone years still have something to show us. Give yourself plenty of time to prepare. Save your money, read your books, and the old timers did not have the benefit of internet research – get to know something about your destination. Then a good tour operator can help make your dream holiday come true.