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Everglades National Park is over 1.5 million acres of protected wetlands and ecological system. You need to protect your car from the vultures they love rubber. No pets are allowed for your protection. The wildlife will feel threatened if your dog barks at them.Adventure into the largest stand of Mangrove Trees in the western hemisphere by air boat. The park is made up of 10,000 islands so an air boat is the best way to see most of this area in a short period of time. Hiking trails you are on dry ground look out for the alligator holes. You will find white tailed deer, river otter, Florida Panther, Everglades Mink, bob cat, black bear, skunks and mink on dry land. The air is alive with birds and insects. You will enjoy seeing everything from a common sparrow to a flamingo and all the different colorful birds in the area. Snakes, turtles, iguana, alligator, crocodile and lizards are common within the park. Use caution where you put your feet.The Everglades national park has plant species not found anywhere else on the planet. Fern trees, flowers, lichens and hardwood trees can be seen within the park. Limited camping in the park is available at two different campgrounds make a reservation if you plan on spending the night.Adventure to St Augustine – walk along the brick streets a centuries old fort stands guard over the city. Grab a horse drawn carriage ride and clip clop through the historic district. Enjoy a ghost tour and learn all the towns secrets. Camping here will give you the cool ocean breeze keeping you cool even in summer heat. North beach camp is located on over 30 acres this resort offers everything from swimming, fishing and a shower. Pointe Vedra offers the sun worshiper a great place to recharge your batteries walk a little ways and you will feel like you have found your own little beach paradise. Adventures in Florida are easy to find after all it has been Americas playground for centuries.

Solo Women Travel – A Guide on How to Link With a Reliable Women Tours Operator – Adventure Travel

Travel for women has changed significantly in recent times. It started slowly in the 80’s with a few female travelers breaking off from the norm of city shopping tours and choosing the adventure route. They were ready for hiking, rafting, mountaineering and just about anything that could make them sweat.The women pushed the demand list; they weren’t carrying the kitchen and the cleaning bucket to their holiday; accommodation had to be comfortable, in short no roughing it up. For this they got some not-so-polite words being bashed on them but they had tough skins and they hanged on. What a turn around today – nearly every mainstream tour operator has a women travel desk proving that the girls had a point!Who are these solo women travelers? The demographics answer this straight away as there are more women than men, but today’s lifestyle means that there are many women who find themselves single with disposable incomes and a strong desire for travel.When discussing travel for women, we must step outside the marital status box and define “a single or solo woman” in a fluid way, to cover any woman who for whatever reason is traveling alone.With so many offers on female travel, it falls on solo women to seriously evaluate their women travel outfitter before they book a tour. Consider that women travel is not just about the destination you will visit, it is also about the sense of security and peace of mind in knowing that you booked with the best tour operator that your money could link you with.These 5 tips, will help you link up with the right operator for your solo women travel:1. Is your outfitter legal? Make this your main concern – the fact that a tour operator says all the best things about women travel does not mean that you let your guard down in checking the validity of what they say.Just like in all other sectors of travel, women travel has its inside issues and it is upon you to check that you are dealing with a genuine women travel operator.2. Is the tour operator female oriented? It does not necessarily mean that women adventure travel is best done by women-owned businesses but, there is a satisfaction of knowing that your operator has been there and done that!3. Are they offering your preferred adventure? If you are at home in the water, go for a rafting or a kayaking vacation. It beats reason to book a women walking tour, hoping that you will fall in the step by the 5th day. You need to jump into the action straight away on day one.Is the adventure to your ability? Yes, you want adventure but this should be in the context of a holiday not a test of endurance. Check if the activities are flexible to accommodate different abilities.4. If booking into a women travel group, what is the composition of the group? It is important that group members give each other personal space but they should also click easily and be fun to be with.This is more likely to happen with women travelers who are of about the same age. Really at 55yrs, would you want to be in a college girls traveling group? OK they are women, but can you last 2 weeks in their company?5. Finally on price – joining a women group tour does not mean that you pay above market price for your trip. Price has to be a reflection of the value items in the tour rather than a tag for women travel.If possible compare similar itineraries for co-ed tours and if you feel that the price is astronomical in the women-only category, ask questions and shop around for better deals.Now that you know how to choose your women travel operator, hit the keyboard and you will not only get the women adventure tour that you want but also at the best price.